Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my favorite afternoon activity.





is letting avery dump all of our toys out on the floor (who am i kidding, she does this all day long) and just playing with her.  we play this game where i build block towers as fast as possible and avery knocks them down as quickly as she can.   she's pretty fast, sometimes i only get two or three up.  it seems like in the past month she's gone from being my little baby to an almost-toddler.  and she's really so much fun to hang out with.  she thinks that every animal says "baa baa" and that anything fuzzy is a dog or a cat.  we went to the pet store yesterday to get some dog food and to see all the animals.  who needs a zoo pass when you have petco?  and she called everything in the store a doggie.  ferrets, mice, birds, they all were "doggies".  she's blowing kisses, and making fish faces, and chasing all of the animals around to point out their paws and ears and tackle them in hugs.  i can't believe she's so close to being a year, makes me a little sad, but i'm also looking forward to watching her learn (and hopefully grow some, too) next year.       

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