Monday, December 10, 2012

december birthdays.

The first December birthday celebration.

i've mentioned that december's kind of a big month in our house. 
we've got dunkin's birthday on december 7th, charlie's on the 17th, and avery's on the 20th.  
my in-laws came out last week and spent a few days hanging out with us, playing with avery, and we also started our birthday celebrating a little early so they could celebrate with us.  

One of the three members of this family with a December birthday.  He wasn't a fan of the balloon tied to his tail.

this was avery's first balloon that a very nice checkout lady at sprouts gave to us.  avery liked it a lot and then i tied the balloon to dunkin who wasn't all about it.  


i made a carrot cake since i figured this would be avery's first cake and i convinced myself this would be a healthier option since there were some veggies in it.  pretty sure the sugar and oil cancelled out anything good the carrots may have added.  and let's be honest, her favorite part was the icing, which was cheese and sugar.  she didn't sleep well at all that night but it was fun to see her try something new.  i will say after giving her a small slice of the cake i don't know how people give their kids entire cakes to smash because the cleanup from a tiny piece was messy enough!  



i can't believe my baby is almost one! everyone always says that time really starts to fly once you have kids but it really does!  i feel like it was just a few months ago that she was a teeny infant and now she's a talking, moving, sleep-stealing almost-toddler.  crazy.  

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