Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sometimes we get out of the house.

i'll be honest, working from home with a baby with a 7 pm bedtime means we spend a lot of time at home.  a lot.  especially when it get's cold and it's harder to get outside even for a quick trip to the playground.  i try to spread our errands out throughout the week so that we actually do get out of the house for target trips and grocery shopping, etc. in the afternoons, but there are definitely days when we don't get out.  busy work days and a baby who's dinner and bedtime routine start around 5:30 mean that we sometimes go a little stir-crazy.  believe me, i wouldn't trade our situation for anything but i do have to make a conscious effort to make sure we go somewhere each day.  a 20 minute trip to the swings make a big difference for all of us.  

Pearl street

charlie and i also haven't been the best about doing out and doing things on the weekends lately.  between house-cleaning and projects we've spent a lot of time in the house.  so when charlie's parents were in town last week i wanted to make sure we went somewhere on sunday, which was really our only day to go somewhere and do something.  charlie sacrificed watching the broncos game, which was in the middle of the day and we went down to boulder for, what else, lunch at pasta jays.  we hadn't been to pasta jays since avery was 6 weeks old, and she screamed most of the time, which meant i got one bite of my dinner and then left early to put her to bed.  this time things went a lot smoother.  although i will admit that my child spent lunch pant-less because i forgot to bring a change of clothes for her.

Lunch in boulder which Avery enjoyed while pantless.

it was really nice to get out of the house and take advantage of the nice weather before the cold set in.  there's only so much walking around the mall i can handle this winter and avery's hates her winter coat which makes things less fun when shes screaming the whole time.  


boulder's always fun because just walking up and down pearl street is pretty entertaining.  people watching at its finest, really.  i especially love it at this time of year when everything's decorated for the holidays.  pasta jays had 3 christmas trees inside and the weather was nice enough to have the windows  open.  as much as i've complained that the warm weather doesn't feel much like the holidays it's nice for getting out and doing things.  and every time we go somewhere out to eat with avery i'm reminded of how much older she is & how good it is for her to experience new people and places.  now we just have to work on getting charlie and i out for an actual date sometime without the baby.  someday ... 


Emily said...

You and I are living parallel lives with working from home and the struggle to get out of the house...but the need to do it! I haven't been to Pasta Jay's since college, but now I want some badly!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love these photographs. You are just gorgeous and your family is just beautiful.

I'm also finding myself moderately jealous of your working from home arrangement, but think it would actually make me crazier. Do you work around napping schedules or do you have help with A? Just curious.