Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy weekend ahead...

On the calender:

... Saturday we're going to check out a few towns that we're interested in buying homes in.
... Saturday night we're going to some friends' for dinner. yum!
... Sunday we might go skiing.

In between all of that I need to check all of these things off my lists.

wedding "to do's"

school "to do's"

I leave you with a picture of Henry because he's just that cute.

This is him with his Valentine's toy. Don't be alarmed that it has no eyes. He rips those out as soon as he gets them.


Emily said...

Good luck with house hunting! What areas are you looking at? I think I would a lot more fun crossing things off lists if they were as pretty as yours!

About D said...

We're looking in Longmont & Gunbarrel this weekend. Trying to stay within 40 min of Denver. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Taryn said...

Are you trying to stay 40 minutes from Denver considering traffic? If so, you might want to come a bit closer (Broomfield, Louisville).

I am totally with you- sun all the time is a bit overrated. (I have a good friend from the East Coast living in Boulder right now - and we both miss rain. You are not alone!)

♥Mrs. V said...

That is the cutest picture ever! I love those puppy eyes!