Friday, February 13, 2009

The Story of Love Part 1: The Beginning

Every good love story has a catalyst. Ours just happens to be a dog.

(Notice the resemblance to Marley and Me?)

C and I met and were friends long before we started dating. When we first met, Charlie had a long term girlfriend and I was going through my "just having fun" phase. And, it was fun. :) Anyway, for Christmas that year C's present from his girlfriend was this adorable puppy who he named Dunkin. (I've tried to change the spelling to Duncan which I think is much cooler but it didn't work).

Seriously ... how cute is he!? The first time I saw him I started talking in that annoyingly, high-pitched voice reserved only for puppies and super-cute babies and I haven't stopped since.

So anyway ... C broke up with the girlfriend a few months later and he and I started spending more time together usually under the pretense that we were doing something with Dunkin. We walked him all over campus, took him for hikes in the woods, and swimming in the lake. And the more time we started spending together the more I realized how much I liked the boy ... and so we started dating.

he loved frisbee back in the day. now it's just all about the tennis balls.

I make it seem a lot less complicated than it really was but moral of the story is that I give Dunkin a lot of credit for C and I getting together and staying together. C always tells people that I dated him and agreed to marry him for his dog. He's wrong, but Dunkin definitely deserves some of the credit for getting us together. He's been the best, most loyal dog to both of us and I know that we both agree that he's just the best dog in the world.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to the dog who's been with C and I for 5 Valentine's in a row!


Katherine said...

Hey now! What about your roommate who suckered you into working as a lifeguard? Without that you never would have worked at the CRC with C...

But Dunkin is way cuter, so it's okay you give him credit :)

Anonymous said...

lol ... you're right. Without that fabulous life guarding training i got i never would have been working at the CRC. you're like cupid's helper. ;)