Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Confessions

... I love having company come and stay with us.
... I also love the feeling of being alone right after they leave. Gotta love some peace and quiet.
... I stuffed my face this weekend. And by weekend I mean Thursday through Monday. Must.Stop.Eating.Like.Pig.
... I think I watched about 3 hours of "Friends" last night. It was fabulous.
... I am currently wearing men's p.j. pants and contemplating going to class in them.
... I didn't make the bed this morning. C is away for a few days and I just didn't feel like it.
... I have seriously been slacking on walking the dogs the past few weeks.
... I opened all the windows in our place today. I'm pretending it's spring even though I'm freezing.
... I am so sick of looking at wedding related things. I am also not looking forward to booking my ticket for April. I always think I'll book it and then find a better deal.
... I have no idea what I'm going to do when I finish graduate school.
... I know that C really wants to buy a house this year but the thought of moving AGAIN just makes me want to roll over and take a nap.
... I cannot figure out what to write my term paper on. None at all.
... I'm seriously annoyed at the fact that they are trapping and shooting coyotes in Greenwood Village.
... I actually had a lot more fun skiing than I thought I would.
... I could care less about the elk in RMNP and I think they should just allow people to hunt them. mmm.... elk meat.
... I want to take my tax refund and spend it at the mall. Instead I'm going to use it to pay for more school. Yay.
... Sometimes I really miss having my own bank account so I can spend money on stupid things and not have to justify it or feel guilty. Being an adult sucks.
... I would much rather have spent last Sunday drinking beer than driving up a mountain. I don't really see the point of driving up a mountain. Even one that's 14,110 feet.
... I am really excited to BE married. But sometimes I get really sick of the planning part.
... I let the dogs sleep on the bed last night.


Emily said...

I hear you on the bank account...that was the hardest thing for me. Especially because B only shops out of necessity, so the "It was just a cute sweater and I wanted it" thing has thrown him for a loop.

Cowgirl D said...

Exactly! C doesn't even really count clothes as a necessity. I'd spend my money on clothes over food. Almost.