Thursday, February 12, 2009

The search for free Wi-Fi in Denver

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to class in Denver. (I call these days my productive days.) I have two classes with about two hours in between each of them and for the past four weeks I've been searching for the perfect spot to sit, drink coffee, and put off reading during my break. I quickly ruled out Tivoli (the student union) because despite being in a cool building it was loud, crowded, and my only food options were McDonald's and Taco Bell. Uh ... I'm trying to fit into a wedding dress in three months and I don't think chicken nuggets, milkshakes, and sour cream filled tacos are going to help me. So campus was out .... I started to wander off. Starbucks was the first thing I found (don't act surprised ... they're only on every OTHER corner these days) and I stayed there for a while. BUT ... just last Tuesday I found out that Starbucks makes you pay for wi-fi. Don't they make enough money off of lattes and Ethos water? So Starbucks lost my business. I never really liked their coffee anyway, I just liked their view of the Rocky Mountains. So ... I found out that Caribou Coffee offers free wi-fi and also happens to be my favorite coffee chain and I decided to check them out today. But Caribou is a good 10 or so blocks from campus and on my way there I found the Corner Bakery, mmmm. Gotta love their paninis and I was excited to see that they offer free wi-fi. Which is where I am now, putting off creating a management plan for elephants in Africa. We'll see where I end up next week. I'd stay here but I can't connect to Gmail chat which is my favorite form of procrastination where I can send C messages every 10 seconds and pretend like I don't see him all the time. He loves this, don't let him fool you.

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