Sunday, December 27, 2009

Continuing the festivities ...

I mentioned my family is here this week. We've been busy making sure they're entertained.

On Christmas we cooked a delicious dinner complete with the usual mishaps. The turkey was in the oven for 2 hours before I realized the oven was off, I put milk in the turnips, and dinner was served at 9 instead of 6. Whatever. It was still good.

Yesterday we took the whole clan to the Coors Brewery. An appropriate place for a 16 year old, no?
The fam

Coors ... yum!
blue moon is definitely my favorite. i introduced my parents to blue moon with an orange on christmas. i think i may have started a new tradition.

After the brewery tour we ate dinner in golden & I had my first BLT. Seriously, why haven't I had one of these before? It was amazing.

And then .... we went to a show! Charlie and I saw the christmas show at the Heritage Square Music Hall last year and we decided to take my parents and sister this year. Their show was The Haunted Man and it was pretty funny. If you like laid-back entertainment, you'd love their stuff.

Heritage Square
Heritage Square. Slightly creepy, but entertaining. This is the gift shop.

my sister and i being dorks before the show.

we tried to convince my dad he needed a cowboy hat. we failed.


Kat said...

OMG I love the pic of your dad in a cowboy hat!! Awesome!!! :)Glad you're enjoying the family!

Emily said...

Love Blue Moon! We're drinking it on New Year's ( you know, in honor of the blue moon and all). So fun to have your family in town, hope you all had a Merry Christmas!