Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Curtain Ironing ?!

Ok, I have a dumb question. Can you iron curtains? We hung curtains in our "living room" a few months ago and I figured/hoped that all the lines from being folded in a box would eventually just disappear. Not so much.

Last week we hung curtains in our bedroom. Same thing.

My parents are coming for Christmas. And, well, I don't want our curtains looking like we just unpacked them.

See the wrinkles? Especially if you look by Henry's tail.

Bedroom curtains.
these babies are even worse. (and yes I know they are crooked.)

If it makes a difference I think the white ones are 100% cotton and I have no idea what the blue ones are. They are blackout curtains. Not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks!!


Emily said...

Iron away. If you're worried about the material, just put a pillowcase on top before ironing so the heat doesn't go directly on the the curtain.

Julie said...

You can definitely iron the white cotton curtains. I would check for a tag on the blue ones that might have some sort of instructions.

Interestingly, you can also vacuum curtains. We used a little teamwork last week to lay our curtains on the floor and vacuum them. Easier than using the attachment while they're hanging? Maybe not, but a lot more effective at removing cat hair.

Katy said...

I'd imagine so. We've washed and dried our's and steamed them, too. They turned out fine.