Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kitties and Christmas Trees

What is it about cats and trees?
Oliver LOVES ours. He loves climbing it,
knocking the balls off of it, and of course
sleeping under it.

Ollie + tree

maybe it's the lights?!
Ollie + lights

P.S. Thanks for the curtain advice. I'll start ironing once I work up some motivation. :)


Lyr said...

Gosh... I love these pictures, the lighting is perfect!

Kat said...

Andy eats my fake one. Why??? I'd so much rather him sleep under it!

Anonymous said...

Haha ... ours is fake, too. I should take a picture of it now so you can see all the destruction. They're are ornaments everywhere and the branches are smooshed all sorts of ways from him climbing it. Brat.

Alex said...

good ol' McCrazyeyes. Up to destroying trees as usual.