Thursday, December 17, 2009

happy birthday, dude

holy crap, you're getting old. ;)

Ski dude.

reasons why i love this man:

1. there is zero chance of us ever forgetting something when we leave the house. he double, triple, and quadruple checks that we have everything. twice.
2. every morning he pours himself a full cup of coffee. and every morning he only drinks about half of it before dumping the rest out and pouring himself another.
3. he actually encouraged me to go to school. although studying is a different matter.
4. i've never heard him say, "you can't do that".
5. he can watch out cold once a month during the winter and not get sick of it.
6. he can survive off of 5 hours of sleep and not bitch about it like i do.
7. when he cooks something, he first measures out everything in little dishes and then starts to cook.
8. he read all 5 off the dan brown books this year.
9. when we got ourselves stuck on a mountain, with no cell service, he didn't freak out.
10. he's a ridiculously hard worker.
11. he makes some mean cupcakes.
12. he gets as excited about decorating for christmas as i do.
13. when he asked me to marry him he was super nervous.
14. on my birthday he got up super early to make me breakfast.
15. he is the yin to my yang, the cream in my coffee, and yes, the cheese to my macaroni (although, i like to think that i'm the cheese and he's the macaroni).

happy birthday. hope it was everything you imagined your 27th birthday would be. and more.


New England Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your love!! :)

CatHerder said...

Any guy who is a hard worker AND makes cupcakes is a KEEPER!