Wednesday, December 9, 2009

frozen pipes and Blurb

Whiny portion of the post:

Last night it was cold. Negative something. I woke up this morning to frozen pipes. Now the good thing is it's only in the kitchen, so I can still shower and all of that good stuff. But no water in the kitchen. Since we live in an apartment (VERY happy about that right now) I went down and filed a work order. And do you know what the woman at the desk told me? Oh, don't worry, that happened to a lot of people. Maybe you could try using a hair dryer on the pipes. Um, excuse me, what?!

A. The frozen part of the pipes is most probably not something I could reach with a hair dryer.
B. I am not spending my day holding a hair dryer to pipes.
C. How is it supposed to make me feel better that EVERYONES' pipes are frozen?

Blurb Book portion of the post:

I mentioned before that I ordered some books through Blurb. I ordered wedding albums for us, my parents, and C's parents. Overall I think they came out pretty well. I don't have PS so I just used the layouts in Blurb's BookSmart.

Things I liked:
... the imagewrap covers came out really well.
... the printing quality was really good! i used the premium paper and the colors and detail was really good.
... i ordered the 13x11 size for us and it seemed to work the best with cropping, etc.
... you can create your own custom layouts and/or change their layouts.

Things I didn't like:
... i used the 8x10 size for our parents and the cropping was a little off on some of the pages. it wasn't like they cropped the areas that they warn you might get cut in printing ... it was like they shifted the entire page up. i had selected a black background for a few of the pages and there's about a 1/10 inch white space at the bottom of the pages.

I was happier with our book than out parents' books but I think that was just because of the size. I would order through them again. I wouldn't order the 8x10 size again. Probably because I just think it's an awkward size.

Here's 2 pictures from our album:

Blurb - cover

Blurb book - 1st dance


Julie said...

The book looks great. I'm a loyal shutterfly customer but I may have to look into blurb for our wedding album. We're rapidly approaching our second anniversary and I haven't done our album yet.

Anonymous said...

they look awesome!!! cant wait to see them in person