Saturday, November 6, 2010

bedroom "curtains"

so last winter we hung some curtains in our bedroom:

Bedroom curtains.

i wasn't crazy about the color.
i actually thought they were a bit depressing. honestly i think they look much better in this picture than they did in person.

anyway, i've been looking for an inexpensive alternative.
right now this is their replacement.

new "curtains"

i'm not exactly crazy about these either.
the problem is that i think they match the walls too closely.
also, they are not blackout curtains, which probably isn't a problem for a normal person but i cannot sleep unless it's pitch black.

please feel free to judge me for the unmade bed. i honestly can't be bothered to care about making the bed anymore.

thoughts? suggestions? go for it.

if i end up taking these out of our bedroom i'll probably move them to the office, so it's not like they're a waste. also they were super cheap.
it's hard to find something that doesn't totally clash with our quilt.

ps. just made chocolate chip pumpkin bread tonight. very excited that it came out successfully.


Alex said...

I actually really like the new ones! I would keep those.

Kath said...

I love the new ones! Any way you can get blackout blinds and leave them raised (and out of sight) during the day?

Here by way of Imperfect :-)