Thursday, November 18, 2010

flying clay

the house is still a mess. and it's really starting to annoy the crap out of me.
unfortunately i won't be doing much about it until after dec. 8th, which is the day that i have 2 finals, and 2 20-page papers due.
not too sure i can procrastinate with all of that coming up.

charlie and i decided that this year we're only doing stocking stuffers and baked goods for x-mas presents. this was slightly more my idea than his, considering the fact that initially he wanted an LED tv. pretty sure those don't fit in stockings.
one of the perks of working for a big company (for charlie) is the insane employee discounts. this can also be a bad thing when they're all big ticket items like tvs, and appliances, and cars.

my parents and sister are coming for the holidays. i told my dad about our small and minimal present idea. he was definitely on board, although this didn't surprise me considering the fact that every christmas morning the first thing my dad says is "these are way too many presents. this is getting ridiculous".

i went to go buy our thanksgiving turkey the other night after work and did not return home with one when the cheapest turkey was $40. i should mention it's only charlie and i this year, so the turkey was 13 pounds (the smallest they had).
$40 is a lot of money for a tiny turkey that i'm not guaranteed not to burn/undercook/set on fire.

must go write more papers, read more papers, and attempt to clean the house.

ps. i bought some black and white cookies from whole foods and ate them all in one night. i am a pig.


Emily said...

D- did you know you can buy just a turkey breast? It has the bone and skin in it and everything, but only white meat, and smaller!
Also, costco sells GIANT stockings for christmas! it's the size of me! I picked it up last week and wobbled over to jeff asking him if I could get it.

we'll have the same stockings as last year.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking of doing that or a chicken. i guess i just wanted the experience of cooking a whole turkey. this was going to be my year of culinary thanksgiving success. :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Good luck with your paper and school stuff. You'll do great.

I also love the first photo, it's adorable.

Love the minimalist approach to the holidays. We're getting close to this, too. It just gets a bit excessive, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

My vote is trying to cook a chicken. Cheaper, tastes pretty close to the turkey, you get the practice of cooking a whole bird with less time and you can do cool sauces (we did an orange thyme reduction a few years ago when I had the first iteration of roommate Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh). I vote try a fancy chicken recipe and blog about it :)