Tuesday, November 23, 2010

people are good ...

i suppose we're given a choice to believe that in general they're good or that in general they're bad.

today i choose the former, not because i'm an eternal optimist but because if i choose the latter i'll be forever bitter and that's just not the way i want to live my life.

today as i was driving home from work i was hit by another driver who immediately fled the scene.
i was going straight through i green light and he was making a left hand turn.
i also did everything i could to avoid him, i swerved, i tried to stop & he accelerated and plowed into me.
i drive a toyota carolla. he was driving an escalade.
he faked stopping by pulling over to the side of the road and once i stopped he accelerated and took the immediate exit for the highway. despite the fact that when he hit me, he completely blew out his front tire.

multiple people stopped. to make sure i was ok. to flag down the police. to get the license plate number of the driver who hit me. to give their statement. i started crying. not because that jack-off hit me and drove off, but because so many strangers stayed to help me, to check my car out, & then wished me a happy thanksgiving.

don't get me wrong. i'm still angry. very, very angry. i became even more angry when the police officer called me after tracking down the guy who hit me to tell me that the guy who hit me was driving without a driver's license, without insurance, and because he's an illegal immigrant, he was only issued a citation.

but i am okay. my poor car (it's pretty much a bulls-eye for deer, bad drivers, & "unstoppable" cars) will eventually be okay. geico was super helpful. and charlie (who usually flips out about this stuff) was insanely helpful and calm.


Alex said...

That sucks! I am so sorry. What an asshole. I'm so happy to hear you're ok. Did you report to the police?

Alex said...

oh wait, I just read about the officer. Um, you can still be arrested for reckless endangerment even if you're an illegal immigrant, right? Maybe not...I didn't realize not being a US citizen got you out of felonies :-(

Taryn said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are okay!! When we flipped our truck (well actually Chris' dad's truck) last spring, I too was amazed at how many people stopped to help us out and make sure we were okay. I am so sorry about it all . . .