Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving dinner

this year was my first year cooking thanksgiving dinner.
it was the first year we didn't go anywhere for thanksgiving and also the first year we were celebrating by ourselves.
all of our local friends were out of town for the holiday & between work, school, and the dogs this is the worst time of year for us to travel.

actually it was nice that it was just the two of us since it was my first year cooking. there was no time pressure or worries about hosting anyone. and it's always nice to spend quality time cooking, eating, and hanging out together.

the plan was:

.. smothered brie for an appetizer
... stuffed mushrooms
... turkey
... mashed potatoes
... sweet potatoes
... green bean casserole
... caramel pie
... apple crisp

thanksgiving 2010 cast of characters
looks like a huge amount of food for 2 people.
and yes, we have 2 coffee makers on a very small amount of counter space.

charlie did the stuffed mushrooms and mashed potatoes.
i was also planning on making rolls but decided we had more than enough food without them.

i was most worried about the turkey since i had never cooked one and i didn't even think about looking up a recipe until about 15 minutes before i was planning on putting it in the oven.

pre roasting
all ready to go ...

yes virginia, that is a dog nose
and, done!
i think next time i'd let it brown a bit longer. but it tasted great.
and yes, that is henry's nose. what a well behaved dog :)

smothered brie
smothered brie.
i ate about 3/4 of this in 10 minutes.
and then charlie yelled at me for not leaving enough for him.

stuffed mushrooms
the L family's, stuffed mushrooms.

caramel pie
and my favorite part of thanksgiving, caramel pie.
the fact that i cooked something that has the potential to explode is nothing short of a small miracle.

dinner time!
and .... dinner time!
i had three helpings.

we had a great thanksgiving & even though we weren't able to spend it with family we did video chat with both families. as good as it gets without being in maryland.

hope everyone had a great holiday!


CT mom said...

My family loves brie!! What is your recipe? Looks like artichokes are in there.

Anonymous said...

it's so easy! 2 wedges of brie, a can of artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and scallions. let the brie reach room temperature and bake at 420 for about 20 minutes.