Monday, November 15, 2010

snowflakes and heavy lifting

dear colorado, i see you've brought winter. thanks for the warning.
one day i'm walking the dogs in a t-shirt and the next day i'm shivering and watching snow fall outside.
in the future a gradual cooling would be nice. but whatever.

since it's november i've decided not to hate you too much.
last week also brought christmas cups at starbucks. and while i refuse to decorate for christmas until after thanksgiving i definitely appreciate their festive spirit.

today the dogs went completely apeshit when they saw the snow. in fact they went so crazy that henry is now laying by the fire attempting to stop the bleeding from his leg.

our house is currently in a state of small disaster.
you see, we're in the middle of rearranging things throughout the house, and since i'm a visual person i have to actually see it rearranged before i can make my mind up.
charlie was not exactly pleased yesterday with all the assembling, cleaning, and heavy lifting. however, the office is definitely coming along (not exactly in the way that i had planned for it, but in a way slightly better). it's amazing how much crap that boy had down there.
pictures later, when i actually motivate myself or when we clear away the last of the boxes.

hopefully we'll have everything cleaned up by thanksgiving so we can roast a turkey and spend the next day eating leftovers and decorating for christmas.

sharing the sun spot
i thought this picture was funny because the animals usually fight over who gets to lay in the sun ... clearly neither is happy that they had to share.

happy monday , ya'll.

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Taryn said...

I can't decorate until after thanksgiving either- but I am so so excited! I might get the stuff out from the basement and look at it in the guestroom before thanksgiving though- it is proving just too hard to wait!