Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All things thankful for: June

... hiking. & lots of it.
... taking the dogs swimming in the reservoir. unfortunately there were also naked children swimming there as well.
... getting our thank you notes done.
... getting our wedding pictures back.
... BBQs with friends.
... signing a lease on our new apartment.
... Coronas with lime. My official drink of summer.
... discovering Friday's Folly. It's a Colorado wine made with organic grapes that are sustainably grown. It's also cheap and delicious.
... friends and family that made our wedding so special. excited for our trip back to MD in July.
... our new t.v.. Ok, so I put up a small fight about this one but it's been nice.
... settling into married life. :)

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Julie said...

I love a good Corona with lime, but last weekend we tried Bud light lime and I have to admit it was really good too.