Tuesday, June 16, 2009


... We got our wedding pictures back today. Although we won't get the DVD with printable files for about another week. I think I looked at our pictures for about half the day today. I'm already thinking of cool places to put them in our new apartment.

... I applied for 7 teaching positions today. Just today. I'm getting desperate. Half of the positions that I applied to were "eligible for a 3% pay increase" because they were in hard to fill areas. Read: really bad areas. Part of the job descriptions included "need experience in classroom management issues". Read: the kids here can be pretty bad. But, in this economy Biology teacher positions are just not there.

... I am waving back and forth between being excited about moving and then actually thinking about the move. I really, really hate moving and packing (although, who doesn't) and we've accumulated so much stuff this past year.

... I really want to paint an accent wall blue in our new apartment. It's a weird wall that spans half of the living room and half of the dining room and for some reason I'm thinking blue would work.

... I was looking through some papers today and found that Charlie purchased $50 fishing license from the state of Colorado in April. He doesn't even own a fishing pole.

... I just ordered this dress from JCrew yesterday. It's for a wedding in July & I'm really hoping it fits. I ordered a petite which means it might be too small.

... I got fingerprinted today for my subbing application. After sitting on the computer trying to write original cover letters I was just happy to get out of the house.

... I'm giving my dad this framed picture for Father's Day. I'm wondering how many holidays I can use our wedding pictures for. I figure at least through Christmas.



Taryn said...

I agree- moving is the pits. But at least you are getting out, right?

(we are actually going to stay- the place we were going to go is not available now- and we missed the date to get out without having to pay for another month of rent. So yeah. Oh well. Lucky for you!)

Love the father's day idea. Good for you!

Mrs. McB said...

Great idea about the wedding pictures! That is what Mr. McB and I did. :)