Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The story of Love: Part 6

Previously [Part 5], we got engaged and moved to Colorado. And usually what follows an engagement is a wedding. Big, small, religious, non-religious, traditional, modern .... and the list goes on and on.

Ours was a mix of all of the above, perfect for us, and A LOT of fun! [But really, have you ever heard anyone say they didn't have fun at their own wedding?] We got lucky with the weather. It was sunny, warm and bug-filled.

We were married in a short, sweet, outdoor ceremony ...


... had fun with our friends ...


... and fell even more in love.

All pictures are credited to Joseph Allen ......... amazing.


Emily said...

Congratulations! You are such a beautiful bride, and that photo with the reflection is priceless. Welcome to newlywed bliss!

Katherine said...

Photos are incredible. It was a beautiful day and you were a gorgeous bride. So happy for you and Charlie! :)


Katy said...


You made a beautiful bride.

Can't wait to see more pictures.

Mrs. McB said...

Congrats! Your pictures are amazing! You look very happy!

Taryn said...

Congratulations!! Wow. I love your hair. So simple and so beautiful!

And your dress, and everything.

Wow. Congratulations!

mollyandmarshal said...

Congratulations!! Your wedding looked gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations! You both looked so incredibly happy and so much in love.