Friday, June 26, 2009

Desperate times ...

... call for desperate measures. We all know it's tough out there. There are far more job seekers than jobs, people are settling for things they never dreamed they would have to, and when interviewing it's hard to find something that makes you stand out from other candidates. I was at a job interview yesterday. One of many, many candidates. In fact they had us coming in back to back at 30 minute intervals. Not so much fun. I got there pretty early so I ended up hearing the entire interview of the girl who was in front of me. I swear I wasn't being rude; it was just impossible not to hear. It was really pretty uneventful until the end when she decided to make her move and this is how it went down:

Girl #1: "I just want you to know that if it comes down to me and another candidate I have skills that other people don't have. I can dance. So if you need a tie breaker or something, I'll dance for you."
Interviewers: "Uhhhh ..... ok, we'll keep that in mind."
Girl #1: "No really, I'm pretty good. If you want I can give you a little preview right now."
Interviewers: "Oh, that's really not necessary. Thank you for your time."

If it came down to the two of us, there's no way I could compete. I have zero dancing skills.


Emily said...

OMG seriously?! I'm so glad you go their early and heard the whole thing. Classic (and super klassy). I hear that Comcast has a good pole dancing workout On Demand - you could do it religiously for the next few days so you have something to show for yourself at the danceoff.

mollyandmarshal said...

HA! That's hilarious!! Who says that?!!?