Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To move or not to move...

Our lease in our current apartment is up at the beginning of August and we've been debating about whether or not to move or stay. We've decided not to buy anything before I finish grad school because A. we have no idea where I'll end up working and B. as much as I want walls to paint and a yard for the pups committing to a home makes me pretty nervous right now. We're currently renting a 2 bed/2 bath apartment but are looking at leaving it.

Pros for Leaving:

1. We need another room. With Charlie working from home and me in school we really need a space where we can get that stuff done. It's difficult with our current situation.
2. We currently have a second bed sitting in the garage that I'd really like to set up. When people come to stay it'd be nice to have a bed for them. Also, the second bedroom would double as a place for me to study.
3. Our current rent will go up in August. This means that we'll be paying more for a 2 bedroom then we would for a 2 bed with a den somewhere else.
4. Our current apartment management is ridiculously rude and I would love to say "peace out" (or something maybe not quite as nice).
5. The new place that we want to move to is pretty sweet. We still would have a garage, shops, bars, and restaurants 2 blocks away, and hiking trails to walk the pups on. Also, it's 3 floors which means that it feels more like a house and would offer us each a "quiet area" to work and study.
6. The new place is something I can see us staying in comfortably for the next 2-3 years until I finish school.
7. It'd be a shorter commute to Denver which is good for both of us.

Cons for leaving:

1. It's expensive to move. I'm currently waiting on an estimate from 2 men and a truck.
2. We love where we live right now. The area is awesome and we already have all of the stuff I mentioned within walking distance.
3. We'd be farther away from the mountains. This means longer drives to hiking and Boulder.
4. I might have to start shopping at King Soopers. [Sorry, KS fans.] Although, we'd be pretty close to a Sprouts.
5. Charlie would have to get a gym membership.

Definitely more pros than cons although the cost is a huge con. We'll see ... thoughts are welcome. :)


Emily said...

Lol, I love KS, but you either love one or the other in this town. Sounds like you've found a nice place, and if you live where I think you live, I'd get out of there b/c the management wasn't nice to me either. That said, feel free to email me if you want the scoop on Westminster/Broomfield - I've lived here forever and know the ropes.

Mrs. McB said...

Moving is a hard decision to make. Mr. McB and I just faced this and decided not to move. However, our landlords are not rude or a problem. Plus, the cost of living would have been a lot higher. From your lists, it sounds like you have made your decision. Whichever way you decide, I'm sure it will be the right one at this time. :) Good luck!

Katy said...

I know all about the tortures of moving. Clay and I moved from South Carolina to Indianapolis and back within 7 months (internships).
We found the best moving truck option to be Penske. If you have AAA (or your parents do and you can use their number), they offer a great discount. You also get the truck for a few days to give you time to load/move/unload.

Taryn said...

I understand about the management. Seriously.

Your rent is going up? You could try talking to the leasing office- Chris lowered our rent 30 bucks by talking to them. (Although that decrease is mostly null due to the ridiculous trash fee.)

Where are you looking to move? It sounds great.