Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend. I'm always sad to see them end. Friday, we walked down to one of the restaurants by us and enjoyed happy hour drinks and food. We actually stayed outside until the sun went down since it was finally warm enough to sit outside. When we got back home we hit some golfballs/tennis balls for the dogs. Sounds a little redneck now but seems like a great idea after a few drinks.

Saturday we were up early, running errands and trying to get outside before it rained. Saturday night we had people over for drinks and some food. Charlie was finally happy to have enough people over to put together a guitar hero band. I was just happy I wasn't one of the members.

Sunday I met up with some friends and took the dogs to the reservoir to go swimming. Charlie went hiking with another friend. He forgot to call me and tell me where they were going hiking and after he had been gone for 7 1/2 hours and we had already had a thunderstorm roll in and out again I was convinced he was dead on a mountain. It didn't help that I called his phone 6 times and had it go straight to voicemail. When he finally got home his first words out were "I'm so sorry I couldn't call. My phone was dead". He did get a few good pictures from their hike.


apparently it stormed in the mountains, too.

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Taryn said...

I am glad Charlie didn't die on the mountain!

(P.S. I think we might have see you on the patio of a certain establishment at the mall on Friday night. We walked by on our way to see a movie. I thought it was you- but I wasn't sure. Now I am pretty sure. Funny.)