Thursday, April 29, 2010

... i am a terrible, terrible grader.
ok, i'm not a mean grader. i just don't like doing it.
there is nothing i hate more than grading papers. specifically research papers. they put me to sleep. correcting grammar errors? boring.
the worst: correcting citation formating. ugh!

... i'm not so good at riding a bike.
i think i mentioned that charlie got a free bike. (that i promptly stole from him.)
my mission was to 1) make henry not scared of bikes and 2) use it for exercise for both me and the dogs.
the bike is a hybrid. i've only ever ridden mountain bikes. much heavier, much sturdier.
i fell off in about 30 seconds. right behind our garage.
must get a helmet.

... i love lofts.
the real ones. converted from old industrial buildings, with no rooms and exposed brick.

... we have wine glasses with starfish on them.
i suppose it's a little tacky, but i like them.
maybe i just like them because they were a wedding present.
guests look at them funny.

... i divide my life into semesters.
it makes for a lot of beginnings and ends.
maybe one day this will end. maybe not.

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Taryn said...

If it makes you feel better- I still view my life around semesters too- and I am not even in school or around it much anymore! How long will this last?

Kat said...

You think riding a hybrid is hard? Try a road bike! Whoa they are so responsive and when you're bad to begin that makes it extra bonus hard since it responds to every stupid move you wouldn't make if you were a better rider. Oh yeah, and then clip your feet into the pedals so you're stuck. And add traffic. There's a reason I wreck so much.