Thursday, April 22, 2010


am i the only one who gets totally freaked out when i go to the doctor?

i can physically feel myself freaking out about an hour before i have to go.
yesterday, i had a dr's appointment and i was so nervous, that by the time i got there and they took my blood pressure it was 140/100!!
of course they all started to freak out that i was hypertensive, when i tried to explain that i wasn't hypertensive, but just really nervous. but they didn't believe me because i "didn't look nervous".

they took my pressure again midway through. of course it was still high.
right before i left i asked them to take it one more time, and thankfully it had dropped back to 120/80.

i have no idea why i get so freaked out. i guess i'm worried they're going to diagnose me with some rare ridiculous disease. ugh.


Julie said...

I definitely get White Coat Syndrome when it comes to my blood pressure. Then I get more nervous knowing it will probably be high, and that makes it worse.

Emily said...

Lol, my blood pressure goes up when I'm nervous about something at the doctor, but usually I'm okay - OR when they round-up my weight or round-down my height. Those two things send my blood pressure through the roof. I want every tenth of an inch documented :) Ridiculous.

Emily said...

I have always hated doctors. Ever since the first one tried to look down my throat with a tongue depressor and I bit it in half to show him I didn't like that. My mom says it's because i was a "forceps baby". I'm right there with ya