Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hello, telluride.
that's right ... after lots of debating steamboat vs. telluride, 3 hr. drive vs 8 hr. drive, we finally picked and booked our anniversary trip to telluride.

so. freaking. excited.
it's going to be a lot of driving for a three day weekend, but charlie's always wanted to take rt. 50 across colorado. he's excited about the drive. i sort of am, too. we haven't been on a road trip together in forever.

the timing is pretty awesome, too.
we leave the day after my last day teaching where i am.
things are not looking like i'll be back there next year, unless it's to randomly sub for a bit.

we're staying here, the pups are coming with us, and we're trying to sneak in the first fourteener of the season (depending on the weather).
seriously, cannot wait.

on a side note, i blame tim mcgraw for my obsession with the rockies ever since i heard his song telluride.

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Emily said...

Congrats! That's awesome. Are you gonna eat the top tier or your cake? Do people still do that? I gotta tell you, Abs and I almost got you tix to the Telluride bluegrass festival for your wedding gift! But we thought it was too much work on your guys' part for kennel and travelling and stuff... but I'm glad you're going! Have so much fun! Loveya :)

Alex said...

looks fun!