Thursday, April 15, 2010

it's the little things ...

lazy saturday
lazy saturdays
... seeing my husband after 4 days of missing him.
... watching my dog play tag with the neighborhood kids.
... hearing one of the kids tell me that she wants to marry him.
... playing catch, just like i did when i was 10.
... being outside all night = no time for tv.
... phone calls home where i get to talk to every member of my family all at once.
... advice from my dad. never gets old.
... falling asleep holding hands, with henry's head on my stomach.
... teeny, tiny puppies that crawl all over my 85 lb. dog's head.
... re-watching a movie, just for the apartments in it.
... 17 year old's saying 'thank you'.
... planning road-trip cd's in my head.
... charlie getting a free bike. it's purple. i might steal it.
... putting away winter clothes for the season.
... planning the mountains we're going to hike in telluride.
... finding mix cd's from years ago. and remembering exactly what my life was like during that time.


Emily said...

I hope lady antebellum's "american honey" makes it to your road trip CD. It's my new favorite song.

Emily said...

Oh, and by the way, this picture reminds me of Acapulco :)

Alex said...

mixed cds!