Friday, April 9, 2010

weekend & the future

i cannot wait for this weekend.
between sleeping in, drinking multiple cups of coffee, 70 degree weather, i'm excited.
of course i'm not excited for the mountains of school work i have to do on saturday.
but at least i get to spend sunday drinking beer in the sun and watching the rockies play.
lately, i've been pretty overwhelmed with everything.
not so much what's going on right now ... but what my life's going to look like in 2 months.
i'm trying to knock some credits out of the way this summer (or switch programs), but it's hard when you go to a school that offers about 4 classes in the summer.
i've decided to do an independent study this summer, but that involves finding an advisor that's willing to take on my project. this is also hard when you work 8-4 and by the time i could get down to denver everyone's left for the day.
i also have no idea what "work" is going to look like next year ... or in june for that matter.
i've been trying to make a lot of contacts & am practically paying people to look at my resume, but i just don't know.
i like where i am now, but if i stay for next year (which i don't even know if it's an option at this point) i'll have to go back to school for my teaching degree. i don't really know what working full time, getting my masters, and teaching certification would look like.
i'd probably turn into a totally crazy person.
sometimes i wish charlie was in school with me ...
he looks at the weekends for playing and i look at them for getting school work done and cleaning the house for the week.
it's getting hard to find time to spend together ... by the end of the day or week i'm happy just to collapse on the couch with a movie or have some friends over and he wants to go skiing all day or go out in denver.
have i mentioned that i really, really hate going out?
i'd rather hang out at our place or the bar on our block. the idea of getting dressed up, paying money for parking, and a stupid amount of money for a beer that i have at home, and then having to stay up past midnight is just so not my thing ...
hopefully, i can use this weekend to catch up on school work, write some of my term paper, clean the apartment, play with the dogs, and hang out at the rockies game. oh, and maybe figure out what the hell i'm going to do in 6 weeks. *sigh* is it wrong to wish that this was a time where something could just fall into my lap? like a permanent job (that i want)? or free money for school?
ok, i know i've posted this before.
but really, he's adorable. and makes my day so much better.

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Emily said...

D- What is the worst that can happen? You're going to be fine and you have a lot going for you! I love you! Don't stress, it will work out. Look at how far you've come! Can we chat soon? You can vent with me!