Tuesday, April 6, 2010


... i *gulp* think i like my job. i know, i know. when i started i couldn't stand it. it was hard, no one was nice, every day was a battle. everything was broken ... and on and on. but, you know what? that's life. things don't always work. not everyone is born into a family that has money and can provide for them. people lose their jobs, their houses, their family ... it sucks, but it's real. the kids i teach, have no dilusions of what reality is, and they may not always "put school first", but they can't. i like working with kids everyday who have "real" issues and problems. who need and deserve scholarship money. of all the places i've worked at, this is a place where it really matters that i show up every day. i'm going to be sad to say goodbye in may.
... it was thundersnowing this morning. really, april? what happened to the sun?
... i was so upset that duke won last night. aside from the fact that i always root for the underdog, i hate duke.
... i really should start cooking more. i don't know how much longer we can survive off of chicken noodle soup and peanut butter sandwiches.
... if i don't hurry up and book a hotel for our anniversary weekend, we're going to end up going to boulder for the day and calling it a trip.
... i'm pretty excited for the weather this weekend. high 60s and we're going to the rockies game on sunday. last year we went to a game opening weekend and it was snowing.
... i've got to go hiking this weekend. although, i don't know how to break it to charlie that i don't want to ski on the last weekend of the year.
... i've been dreaming about a beach trip this summer. my only hope is if my parents decide to rent a place & invite us, dogs and all ...

Go Rox.

getting ready for some more of this ...


Emily said...

Glad to hear you're still a terp for life even out west! Have fun this weekend and enjoy the weather. If the beach house works out let me know, I'll be there almost ever weekend! Oh, and cute pic...you two are so photogenic!

Beth P. said...

Our anniversary is in a week and a half and we still don't have something booked for it. Well, we have a babysitter, but nowhere to go. Good luck scheduling something!