Friday, April 23, 2010

it's the little things ...


... rain, rain, rain!
... finishing all my homework on a sunday night.
... a glass of wine + my dogs + a fire.
... pot pies.
... my dad [maybe] coming out to visit.
... april being almost over. i feel like i've been in a fog this whole month.
... my cup of coffee every morning.
... friday afternoons.
... friday night (afternoon) dinners of rotisserie chicken, cheese, and a french baguette. and a large glass of wine.
... walking home in the rain.
... anything in the rain.
... friday evening naps before some drinks.
... saturday bike rides with my dog.
... attempting to teach henry not to be scared of bikes.
... saturday morning coffee and bagels at Panera.
... sunday afternoon term papers. oh wait, i hate these.

and the usual ... tea ... rain ... friends ... my hubby & dogs ... and the cats.
we live in a zoo.

true story about the wine: thursday was a rough day for me. i came home and all i wanted was a glass of wine. that bottle is my favorite. santa julia's malbec. it's cheap, it's good, it's organic. so i go to open the bottle and complete destroy the cork. it basically crumbles inside the bottle. however, i want this so bad so i'm not about to give up. charlie comes upstairs to see me pouring wine, through a napkin (my filter) into my glass. worked like a charm.


Taryn said...

good call on the wine. Very resourceful.

And the rain is freakin awesome! I can't believe it.

Beth P. said...

Wow - ingenious! I would never have thought about a napkin! Glad you were able to enjoy it :-)