Tuesday, May 4, 2010

canoe day

so i mentioned we went canoeing this weekend. finally.
aside from actually getting the boat in the water we managed to make fools of ourselves.
we ended up going to standley lake, which charges too much for a day use permit but whatever.
standley lake also requires that you have your boat sprayed down before you enter the water (darn invasive species).
so we get to the lake, pay for our permit, and drive over to the "aquatic nusance species" treatment area. and wait for some rangers.
have i mentioned that are canoe is on the top of the jeep? and that it's heavy?
when we went to take it down, i flipped it so fast that i also flipped charlie. so both he and the canoe go flying. and the ranger goes "uh, did you just buy this?"
then, he starts asking us questions about our "safety measures".
" do you have lifejackets?" .. "no"
"do you have a whistle?" ... "no"
"what are you planning on doing if you fall in the water?" ... "uh, swim..."
turns out, you have to have lifejackets and a whistle. so we put our canoe back on the jeep, drive to a sporting goods store, buy some lifejackets and a whistle (that i continue to blow for the next 3 hours) and make it back to the lake.
we end up floating around and fishing for a bit.
when it's time to leave, we're about to put the canoe back on the car (which is the hardest part bc that thing does not want to stay upside down. also i'm short! charlie just thinks i need to start lifting weights, but whatever)
anyway, i'm sore and cold at this point, the two rangers (who already think we're idiots) have pulled over to watch us and i cannot get the canoe up for the life of me.
so the ranger gets out of his car and asks if we want help (for the third time). i finally gave up and let him lift the stupid canoe.
we definitely should have gone with a kayak.

cloudy canoe day

cloudy day

fishing + canoe = happy husband

happy charlie.


i fished, too


please note the extreme concentration.

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Emily said...

That looks like so much fun- I'm jealous of how much the two of you get outside!