Wednesday, May 26, 2010


... things have been so crazy lately. between family visiting, interviewing for jobs, and the end of the school year. wow ...
... we just had our last visitors (charlie's mom and aunt) leave today. i was sad to see them go, but excited to have some sleep in my future. we had a great time with them, being tourists, eating charlie's mom's amazing cooking, going to rockies games. charlie took off monday and tuesday to spend with them & i caught up with everyone after work. good times.
... jobs. i've had 4 interviews in the past 2 weeks. and it's been hard to fit that in while working full time and not trying to neglect family. tomorrow's the last one. i think i made a decision about what i'm going to do but we'll see.
... my parents got a kitten and a dog! so excited for them. and their "puppy" is a chocolate lab who's about 10 months old. and freaking adorable.
... as much as i love having family stay with us i am weirdly compulsive about cleaning when they leave. the good news for our house is that it's never been cleaner.
... it's finally spring! finally! flip flops and beer and dinner on a patio and thunderstorms and open windows!
... today i got off work a bit early and took the dogs for a long, long walk. i could really get used to getting off at 2:30.

fresh air
d-man loves the fresh air, too.

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