Friday, May 7, 2010

it's the little things...

... getting ready to read my favorite spring book. the one i read every spring. the one that's out of print. the one that makes me remember what it's like to be 10 years old again.
... the way henry looks at me when i make him run next to the bike, like "seriously? this thing is so scary, can't we please just go chase some rabbits?" and then he puts his head in my hand. just to put his cuteness factor completely over the top.
... jammin' out to moldy peaches during the day.
... passing off my kiddos onto someone else the last class of the day so i can do my presentation for school. (have i mentioned i hate public speaking?)
... having cupcakes in the fridge.
... cucumbers and carrots.
... revising my term paper = almost done with it!
... the current weather forecast for sunday, which happens to be the day after my class is over!
... saturday bike rides with charlie down big dry creek, wandering into neighborhoods and past people on horses.
... watching the sun set over the "pond" by our house.
... that feeling you get on a saturday when you wake up and think "oh shit, i'm late!" and then realize it's saturday and you can sleep as late as you want.
... the possibility of doing something else with my life.
... knowing that i survived these 5 months. they have without a doubt made me realize just how lucky i was to grow up the way i did and to live the life i do. and that it's time for me to move on.
... my dad coming in 1 week!
... charlie's mom & aunt coming in 2 weeks!
... telluride in 3 weeks!!

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