Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend 'o love

this was my first weekend since the beginning of january that i didn't have anything hanging over my head: i.e. school stuff.
i took full advantage.
it was awesome.
came home early thanks to an afternoon meeting.
picked up charlie for a late lunch @ which wich.
played with the dogs before the thunderstorm came.
opened a bottle of wine & a bottle of champagne.
ordered sushi.
fell asleep on charlie at 10 pm.
cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.
played with the pups.
planted some flowers.
gave the dogs baths.
did massive amounts of laundry.
ordered pizza.
watched the second game of the rockies double header.
took a bike ride with henry down to the pond to watch charlie fish.
took a bike ride sans dogs with charlie.
ate wendy's and watched the rockies kick the nats butt for the third time in a row.
stocked up on food and beer.
watched did you hear about the morgans?. it sucked.
my dad came!! (after 20 hours of traveling.)


fishin' pond. no fish but lots of otters & snakes.


henry was pretty upset he couldn't go swimming.


Emily said...

Aww, why couldn't henry go fishing?

Emily said...

Where is this snake infested fishing pond? You probably were up by us - especially if you took the trail! It was such a perfect day yesterday for a bike ride, too.