Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"people seem to get nostalgic about things they weren't so crazy about the first time around."

had to throw a picture in here ...

this has been charlie's love lately. biking and fishing.

today is graduation at my school.
super happy for my kiddos that made it to graduation.
a lot of them don't & a lot of their friends didn't.
since i came in january the senior class has dwindled down from 35 to 23. in only 4 months!
we had an assembly for them today that a lot of their parents came to. since a lot of these kids are the first in their family to graduate from high school they're kind of a big deal. parents were in tears ... although, slightly weird for me because i always figured high school graduation was sort of a given.
i've got a lot to figure out as far as my future goes ...
teaching vs. not teaching.
what degree i'm going to get ...
i'm getting really burnt out from school lately.
in fact i haven't even registered for classes in the fall yet (so not like me).
i wish school was free. and all my classes were online.
that would solve all of my problems.
the good news is that my dad's here this week.
i have thursday and friday off & we're planning on doing some hiking in Rocky Mountain Nat. Park tomorrow, eating some amazing Italian food at Pasta Jays, and possibly some white water rafting on friday.
have i mentioned my dad's awesome?


Emily said...

Um, I feel like you teach at the high school my sister teaches at - which I'm pretty sure you don't because hers is A) in rural rural rural Fort Collins and B) my sister is one of 2 science teachers there, but your stories are almost identical!

Have so much fun with your dad, dad's always make existential crises less intimidating, don't they?

Emily said...

your dad is awesome. oh, and you have inspired jeff and i to rent kayaks this summer at black hill regional park. we WILL get outdoors this summer and do more than lay on the beach!