Thursday, May 27, 2010

the end is near.
one day. (well really only a few hours).
i've had a lot of good things lately.
... obviously the family visits, spending time with people i love and don't get to see too often.
... i've decided not to switch graduate programs for the time being and am taking the summer off as far as school goes. i think i really need the break. and i also just can't imagine being in school for the next 4 years.
... i have a part-time internship this summer (starting next week) that could turn into something permanent. i'm a little apprehensive about leaving teaching, but at the same time i haven't really been happy with it in colorado and can't imagine spending the next 30 years doing what i've been doing.
... charlie and i decided to turn out 2 night stay in telluride into a 3 night stay! AND when i called to change our reservation they were out of the rooms that we had booked so we got a free upgrade. i'm so excited for some alone time with him. the last time we were alone for 3 days was in hawaii and it was so, so nice.
... i have one lunch, one interview, and one "closing circle" left before it's vacation time.
... i may possibly have just graded my last stack of papers. wow.
... i cannot wait for the drive to telluride, and hiking in telluride, and biking in telluride, and hanging lake on the way home, and bridal veil falls, and so many other things i hope we can squeeze into our weekend.

glenwood canyon

we're driving through glenwood canyon on the way home.


Emily said...

I am really happy for you! Glad you're taking the summer off, it will surely be a good time to think about things and do things you never would have done otherwise. Hope you and C have fun in Telluride- you'd better play the Tim McGraw song on the way there :)

Anonymous said...

haha ... i already made a playlist for the drive and it's the first song on there!

Alex said...

I need to move to Colorado!