Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it's the little things ...

almost done with this!
... the little messages inside Dove chocolate wrappers.
... a stack of graded papers.
... the progression of "my dog will not be scared of bikes" training. (slowly, my friends.)
... purple nails. whatever. i'm 5.
... eating breakfast before i leave for work. this so rarely happens.
... finding out about a teacher work day. no kids!
... taking my classes outside for the day & sitting in the sun with my shades on.
... kicking ass on my term paper. one more week!
... my beaker full of pens.
... vegetables. especially cucumbers and carrots.
... the warm sunny weather for sunday when i will be done my class and outside!
... the dream of one day wearing shorts and flip flops again.
... the theme song to parenthood.

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