Sunday, June 24, 2012

6 months.

woah kid, half a year! 
as much as i can't believe you've been a part of our lives for 6 months i have to admit that i've been waiting and waiting for this milestone.   

when i was pregnant with you i used to imagine this summer:  a 6 month old baby and my favorite season.  i'm happy to say it's been just as wonderful as i thought it would be. 

you've loved the pool and will splash around for as long as we let you in there.  we've taken you a few times this month as it's the perfect place to entertain you on a hot day.  i love those sweet, sweaty naps that you take on me when we sit in the shade after playing awhile.  you inherited your dad's fair skin (although he would argue that he's not fair) so we've been slathering you with sunscreen and making sure you always have a hat on you.  there's nothing cuter than a baby in a bathing suit and hat smelling of chlorine and sunscreen.

it's been so hot here this summer that i've actually be using the a.c. in the house.  some days i don't bother dressing you in much, just a t-shirt and a diaper, but you don't seem to mind.

you still love your playmat (as long as you are sitting up) and we finally unpacked all of our toys and got you a few others so you have toys in both the office and the family room.  you'll entertain yourself pretty well but get a little bored towards the end of the day.  you still love walks in your stroller and now we stop at the playground so you can swing on the swings.  i usually let you swing on the baby swings for a bit and then put you on my lap and we swing together for awhile.  the dogs stay right by your side, running back and forth with us.  


you definitely like to get out of the house and i try to make sure we do that at least once a day, even if it's just a walk to the playground or a trip to the grocery store.  you also had your first trip to the library this month but were pretty unimpressed as you slept the whole time.  speaking of sleeping you are not a fan of naps.  you still nap best when you're in the car, the stroller, the ergo, or my arms but i'm working hard at trying to get you to nap in your crib.

at your 6 month checkup you were 24 inches long and 14 pounds 5 ounces.  still a little thing, between the 10th and 25th percentile.  this was the first time you got to sit up on the scale instead of laying down and you liked that much better.  you got some shots this time around, too and seemed to have a hard time that night.  a few days later you were back to your usual self.

these 6 months have been the best.  i told myself i was really going to savor every day this month and i hope we do.  we have more family visiting to see you and we're taking our first vacation to telluride.  i hope you love it as much as your dad and i do.  it's a pretty magical place. love you, baby girl.


the stars may fall and the rains may pour,
but i will love you evermore. 
you were born to make this right, 
you were born to chase the light.
you were born ...

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