Thursday, June 21, 2012

she loves tags.  this one kept her entertained for almost 10 minutes.

i really don't know how single parents do it.  i've been on my own with avery for 5 days and this week has seriously kicked my ass.  i still have paint in my hair from saturday night that i can't get out.  i have so much work to do but this is the first night that i haven't worked until 9 pm and i honestly need a break at this point.  the house looks like a bomb went off in it or at least like four animals shed their entire coats and re-grew new ones.  i had this list of things that i was going to do this week and only about half of them got done.  we still have boxes all over the place and the garage is a disaster.  i was planning on cleaning the house today so it was clean when charlie got home but that obviously hasn't happened and the vacuum is still sitting at the top of the stairs where it was when it was when it was finished being used last.  which was last week.  by charlie.  i attempted to cook dinner last night and made the worst meal ever.  i managed to ruin couscous.  i had to throw it out and eat peanut butter and honey.  and we have no food in the house for tomorrow.  avery had her 6 month checkup today with a few vaccines and they clearly did not go over well.  she was fine for a bit but from 5 pm to 8 pm she screamed.  i'd never heard her cry like that before and she clearly didn't want her leg touched but at the same time wanted me to hold her, which is difficult to do.  we took a long bath which she liked but as soon as i picked her up to get out she started screaming again.  i gave her some tylenol which i've never done before but i think she needed something.  she finally went down for bed around 8 although i'm sure she'll wake up at some point before i go to bed.

i am so very happy that tomorrow is friday and that charlie's coming home and that we have the entire weekend to spend together.  and i hope avery feels better soon.  and (on a more positive note) i'm so looking forward to the next two weeks: two family visits with a mini-vacation in the mountains sandwiched in between.   

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