Monday, June 11, 2012

a few avery pictures and some house progress

blue eyes
this is a classic avery face.


blue eyes4
as always, here are a few pictures of my daughter because lately i don't take pictures of anything else.  
i really need to start taking some pictures of the house because i feel like we need to document some of the things that we've done just to make ourselves feel better about the little things we've done.  

we spent the whole weekend getting some of the little things done around, which felt nice since when we've been painting we've gotten nothing else done besides that and baby watching.  so this weekend we managed to clean like regular people, charlie cut a bunch of the overgrown bushes outside the house, we painted even more trim, we hung a few curtains, replaced the towel rack in avery's bathroom with some hooks, replaced the hardware on the doors upstairs, and started painting our pantry door.

oh, and we also spent some time playing with this little one.  

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