Monday, June 25, 2012

lately ...

okay i know i said this week kicked my ass, and it did, but it wasn't all bad.  i made sure that avery and i got out of the house every day after work and so we ran some errands, went to the pool, visited our (new to us) library where i got a card and checked out some books, and while i ruined one dinner i did manage to make some chocolate chip cookies.  they were much needed.  also, avery started eating food!  she had an apple one day (which all she did was chew on) and a banana the other day which made such a mess but she loved and i loved watching her figure it all out.  i wish charlie had been here but we took some videos and sent them to him which is almost as good.

1.  avery's first time in a shopping cart.  i'm sure people thought we were crazy because charlie was running all over the store making zooming noises and i was taking pictures.
2.  she's a happy kid in the morning.
3.  first apple.
4.  a tuesday afternoon at the pool.
5.  playing on dunkin.
6.  i see this face a lot when i'm trying to work.
7.  entertaining herself.
8.  i made some art.  i hate it.
9.  the library.
10.  first banana.

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