Monday, June 18, 2012


this picture sort of sums up how i spent sunday morning.
the end result was a dead rabbit, a scratched floor, and a busted fence.  
also, we will no longer be leaving our door open again.  
i woke up sunday fed all the animals and let them out and was sitting on the floor playing with avery when toby trotted inside with a rabbit in his mouth.  i couldn't tell if it was dead or alive but when i yelled his name he came over to me and dropped the rabbit, which turned out to be fine and started running across the floor.  henry heard me scream at toby and came inside to see that a rabbit: his favorite thing! was inside his house! 

i picked avery up off the floor and tried to find something to catch the rabbit in and put the cats in the basement.  at this point henry had the rabbit cornered but he couldn't quite get to it and when tried to put a box over the rabbit it got away, henry ran after it and grabbed it in the laundry room.  at this point the rabbit was screaming, i was screaming at henry, and avery was screaming.  i finally got the box on top of the rabbit and dragged it outside to the deck.  after a while it hopped away.  a few hours later i finally let henry outside where he stayed for a while.  i didn't pay much attention to him until he started barking at a rabbit on the other side of the fence, and i tried to get him to come follow be inside and when i turned around i saw that he had gotten through the fence and had something on the other side.  i put avery down and ran out there.  he had gotten the rabbit and at this point it had no hope but i literally had to drag him inside.  so now we have a broken fence, a rabbit crazed dog, and a cat who is apparently a good hunter.

and i'm really looking forward to charlie coming home so i don't have to deal with this stuff alone!


Alex said...

oh my goodness, you acted way braver than I would have in this situation.

Kat said...

Oh you poor thing! Wally loves birds! He ate one in our Pittsburgh house and I was completely horrified. At least Avery is ok. Dave is out of town, too, and this was when Wally decided to act out and the movers decided to show up 2 days early. I think its' hard to do it alone and I don't have a little one or any cats! I don't know how you do it!