Tuesday, June 12, 2012

avery updates.



ready for your weekly avery update? here goes.

can i just say again how amazing it is that she can sit up on her own? it has made my life so.much.easier. it has let her entertain herself for huge chucks of time which has made working from home with her much less stressful.  during the work day she'll typically take two naps while i'm working, one in her crib and one in the moby and then will usually take a third nap just when i finish working (go figure).  

she's in love with her feet and has even managed to fit both in her mouth at the same time.  she's also grabbing anything and everything but she's so strong that peeling her off of things is getting hard!  she loves sitting in her crib, on the table, and in my lap.  walks with the dogs are still a big hit.  she also loves her ears as evidenced above.  she's been my little buddy these past few months, helping me work, running errands with me, and tagging along with everything these past few months.  i can't believe she's almost 6 months old!   

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