Monday, June 4, 2012


trying to figure it all out.

i always look forward to june.  it's the first month that really feels like summer, it's hot but not too hot,  and the days are still getting longer.  but this year i was looking forward to it even more because i knew that by june we'd be done with the packing and moving of april and may.  and while we still have so much to do in this house, i have hope that it will someday feel like home.  the other day as i was making a quick sandwich i had this vision of us cooking thanksgiving dinner.  it'll be slow, but i think by then it'll feel like home here.  i will say that i'm glad we moved in time for summer.  we've been grilling, throwing the ball for dunkin in the backyard, and when it's cool enough we'll eat on the deck.  all things that we've been looking forward to for a long time.  

relaxing saturday morning.

when i was pregnant with avery i used to think about how fun this summer was going to be.  i was happy that she was a winter baby so by the time summer rolled around she'd be old enough to enjoy things like picnics, the pool, the reservoir, and lots of walks.  i also have always loved babies around 6 months, since they're still in that cuddly baby stage but they're also old enough to notice things around them, and are developing their own personality.  


avery's definitely at that stage right now and i have to say that i was right, i'm really enjoying it.  and she definitely is slowly turning into her own little person.  she can be a pretty serious kid at times.  but i think she's also a pretty strong one.  she may be small but she's pretty determined and tough.  i hope she doesn't lose those traits as she gets older because i think they'll serve her well in the future.

but for now, i just brewed the first batch of iced tea for the summer and i'm looking forward to the next few months of grilling, pool time, open widows, some family time, and a growing baby.

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Julie said...

Avery is beautiful! She looks just like Charlie. I'm so glad to see your family is doing well.