Friday, June 22, 2012

to my baby's daddy ...


this may be a little late but i think you should know how lucky avery is to have you as a dad.  i know you sometimes think that you're not the best at this, like when avery is crying and refusing to nap.  but you're pretty darn good.  trust me, she loves you.  she breaks out in a huge smile when you come home and when she sees you in the morning and when you do all of those goofy things just to make her laugh.  i love watching her with you.  watching you guys play together and you teach her things.  i can't wait for the next few years as she grows up and you guys can do even more things together.  i love that when i'm at work i know you're taking good care of her and that you guys are spending some time together just the two of you.  she's obviously gotten a lot from you, as she still looks like a mini-you and i love that she has your eyes.  and i hope as time goes on she gets other things from you, too.  like your willingness to help others,  or your enthusiasm and commitment and determination, and your moral compass.  and i really hope she inherits your inability to lie because that would really be helpful during those teenage years.  anyway, don't fool yourself.  you're a great role model and a great dad.  i've loved taking this journey into parenthood with you; it's been by far the best thing we've done.      

i figured i would write this here because we said we weren't doing cards.  or rather i said that and you said 'whatever you want' because i know you've never really seen the point in them.  but i thought you should know this.  and if you're ever having doubts you can come back and read this instead of having to dig up a dusty old card.

happy father's day.  (a week late)

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