Monday, October 29, 2012

a train ride.

in preparation for our visit my parents tried to pull out as many toys that they still had for avery to play with while she was here.  my dad pulled out the train that they have for the christmas tree and set it up thinking that she would like to watch it.  i wish i got some pictures of that because she seemed to be pretty into it, in her own serious way of course.  we also took her on a real train ride at cabin john park while we were there thinking that she might like that.  she was probably a little young to really enjoy it although i do think she liked it.  we'll have to take her again the next time we're back because i think as she gets older she'll like it even more.  the park also has some pretty cool playgrounds on it that she's way to young to be able to play on.  someday soon though ...


there's the whole crew except for the dog who's hidden by charlie in this picture.  


and there he is.  dad and alex took him to the dog park while the rest of us went on the train ride.


avery was pretty serious for most of the ride, although we did manage to get a few smiles out of her.


after the train ride we introduced her to porky who was probably one of my favorite things about the park when i was a kid.  he talks and eats trash.  what kid wouldn't love a trash eating pig?



and then we went back home and avery had her first pork, peas, and turnips that night.  she hated the turnips and spit them right out but the pork and the peas were a hit and she enjoyed those leftovers for the rest of the trip.

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Emily Silver said...

That's Jackson's favorite dog park!