Tuesday, October 9, 2012





i call this the happy baby series.  of course the cat was the one responsible for this smile but at least i was able to document it.  as soon as she started crawling she seemed to figure out how to pull herself up on things and then get faster and faster when she was going places.  the kitchen is a favorite place to play because there's chairs, water bowls, trashcans, and the occasional crumb that the dogs have missed.  i've been finding myself cleaning this floor multiple times a week and even then there's dirt on it.  i suppose a little dirt won't kill her but let me tell you a good 'is my floor clean test' is to put white socks on the baby and then let her crawl around for a bit.  the answer is always no.  even if you just cleaned the floor, especially if you have 4 pets.  oh well. 

this kid will be on an airplane bound for d.c. in a few days and i'm more than a little nervous that this will result in totally screwing up with her sleep.  the last time we went somewhere back in july her nighttime sleep was screwed up for 2 months.  2 months!  i realize this is a long time to attribute to a few days away but nevertheless i still blame the trip.  and we're actually at a point now where avery's sleeping well at night and taking a good morning nap.  and she's never been a good napper.  ever.  so i've been clinging to these naps.  my fingers are crossed that after we return from maryland that she gets back into her good rhythm because i don't know if i can take another 2 months of a baby who's up 3 times a night.  i've gotten used to sleeping and i like it that way.    

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Emily said...

She's adorable!!!