Monday, October 1, 2012

living room progress.


this room has been (and still is) such a work in progress.  i haven't bothered to do too much in here since we moved in and i ended up dumping furniture that i couldn't fit/didn't want in other areas of the house.  here's the thing:  charlie and i aren't formal living room people.  when we were house hunting we were actively looking for houses that did not have formal living rooms or dining rooms because we knew we wouldn't end up using them.  in fact, before we started looking for houses i had promised charlie that if we ever ended up with a house with a formal dining room he could put a pool table in it instead.  but after looking at a lot of houses, we found this one that despite the formal living room met our needs.

anyway, back to this room. the three pieces of furniture that it started out with were 2 bookshelves and a bench that held our shoes.  the bookshelves were definitely staying because i had no where else to put them.  i knew i wanted a white couch and we ended up with a loveseat because the room is actually pretty tiny and a couch would have looked pretty big and not left us with much room.  i also wanted  cheap couch because i wasn't thinking we would spend a lot of time in this room.  so ikea won out for this one.  and surprisingly i love it.  its super comfortable and we've ended up spending a lot of time on it reading books to avery.  i was originally thinking that i wanted a flatwoven rug in this room but after living in the room a while i realized i wanted something more cozy because with a baby we spend a lot of time sitting on the floor.  i was really in no hurry to get a rug but i found this at target and brought it home to try and charlie ended up loving it (this never happens) so it stayed.

the curtains were fabric from hobby lobby that i got for less than $30.  i used the ever-popular method of no-sew curtains to make them, which is so, so easy it makes me want to make new curtains for our bedroom.  i had no intention of hanging curtains this high  (they're over 100 inches long) but i didn't bother measuring when i was making them so they ended up super long.  i was planning on shortening them but charlie liked them long so i left them.  we still have pictures to hang and eventually i would love to get a chair in the room but for now i'm loving that it's actually a place that we spend time in and not just a room we stuck furniture in because it's the first thing you see when you walk in the house.  charlie informed me months ago that this is where our christmas tree is going to go so i'm sure we'll be spending even more time in here in a few months, reading christmas books and listening to christmas music (when charlie will let me start playing it, which isn't until after thanksgiving).  

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Emily said...

Love the curtains! Hobby lobby fabric is the best. You could do that Young House love trick where you hang an inexpensive bamboo shade between the top of the window and the top of the curtain rod if the wall behind the curtains bothers you, to "cheat the window", but I think it looks awesome. That rug looks perfect for crawling babies!