Monday, October 8, 2012

baby + cat.

i know i keep mentioning how amazing ollie is with avery but seriously,  i have grown up with tolerant cats but i think he's a little different.  as much as she hangs all over him, pulls on his whiskers (yes, this really happens), eats his tail, and climbs over him he still sticks around.  i actually think he loves her just as much as she loves despite how annoying she can be.  since she's often crawling in his direction but when she isn't he's usually somewhere close by and will lay down near where she's playing during the day.



the other day i was at a conference and charlie called me because avery was crying and he couldn't figure out what was wrong or snap her out of it.  i told him to take her over to the cat and sure enough she stopped crying and turned into a happy baby again.    


i like to pretend that this is her version of a hug but i think this has more to do with the fact that he's so soft.  she does this to him all the time.  don't let his annoyed look fool you.  after this picture was taken she literally climbed over top of him and he didn't move at all.  he makes a pretty good obstacle course.  

her version of cat has turned into 'tat' which she excitedly says every time she sees him.  and although this is about ollie i have to say that henry has also been amazing with her.  she can climb all over him, take his toys, and he just lets her do whatever she wants.  now that she's crawling he'll occasionally try and play with her and although she doesn't get what he's doing she thinks it's hilarious.  i'm really grateful that we have such nice animals and that she loves growing up with them as much as we love them.  

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