Wednesday, October 10, 2012



are you sick of this sweater and hat combo yet?  i am not.  she wore them for two days straight because winter paid us a visit before fall was over and they were the only warm things in her closet.  apparently avery has decided that she does not like wearing things on her head.  hoods, hats, stacks of blocks that i try and balance there, they all get taken off immediately.  the blocks are one thing but the hoods and hats are going to be a necessity this winter, avery.  i have a feeling we'll be in a constant battle over wearing them.  apparently she doesn't mind being cold.  what she doesn't understand is all the judgey stares i'll get from people who are thinking 'how could you take that baby out of the house without a hat?!'  for now we'll just settle for 10 second stretches at a time and hope that when it gets really cold she'll forget how much she hates things on her head.  

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